We are a strong believer that in the 21st Century, everyone is entitled to quality food products. We work hard to ensure the highest quality to price ratio. In many emerging markets, quality F&B is a luxury, affordable only to a select number of individuals. As Jobeco Food, we are trying to change this by making genuine quality accessible and affordable, because we believe that Quality Is For Everyone.

Quality is for everyone


We believe that growth and development are important aspects for both businesses and individuals, and for us, growth is only a success when achieved together with our partners and consumers. Growth at the expense of people or the environment is unacceptable and unsustainable. Consumer exploitation is commonplace in the food industry, and that’s exactly what we at Jobeco Food work hard to combat every day, by producing the highest quality possible at the lowest cost. We say no to exploitation and yes to growth, together.

Growing together, for the better

Being a private business has always allowed us to enforce our values , and prioritise the long-term. Unlike many other companies in the industry, who must sacrifice long -term goals to please shareholders and investors, we have , and always will maintain our vision even if it means sacrificing short -term profits. Jobeco Food is proud to lead by example, showcasing what it looks like to grow year on year , together with our partners and consumers for a better future.

Private Business



All Jobeco Food products are manufactured at fully automated plants in the UAE and European Union. Our UAE manufacturing plant operates according to FSSC 22000 & ISO 22000 standards, while our EU manufacturing plant operates according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 & PN-EN ISO 22000:2006 standards. All Jobeco Food products are HACCP certified and meet IFS requirements (International Food Standard).

Soon we’ll be implementing AR technology features onto our product packaging. A quick scan using any smartphone, will provide our consumers with a user -friendly layout of additional product data and nutritional information. We also look forward to giving our valued customers thousands of gifts and rewards through quick smart -phone scans. At Jobeco Food, we strive for creativity and innovation, because we know that investing in our product means investing in our consumers, and future.



Jobeco Group, established in 1981, is a group of private companies that have supplied FMCG products around the globe for over 35 years. Owing to its large stock -holding, the company has successfully met the demands of its customers instantaneously. We are proud to be labelled as quick, reliable, efficient, honest, and consistent by our valued customers. Jobeco Group firmly believes that the key to success is the combination of consistency and keeping customer service at the highest level there can be.



Why Choose Us

Our Story

Having traveled to many emerging countries, we discovered a worrying pattern amongst many wholesale markets and retail outlets. We noticed an extreme price difference between the low, and high-quality food products.

Given the price-sensitivity in these markets, the vast majority of hard working families have had no choice but to consume very low-quality food products. Having been disturbed by this, we felt it became our responsibility to find out why this was the case. Why was quality food, just so inaccessible?

We went on a journey speaking to families, store owners, and wholesalers but still, we did not find a clear-cut answer as to why such a price gap existed for quality. Our only hope was to take matters into our own hands. Having conducted in-depth market studies, we decided to reverse engineer the prices of more than 100 products.

The answer – exploitation. A combination of extremely high barriers to entry and lack of substitutes facilitated an environment for market leaders and foreign businesses to take advantage of consumers. Since that day, it has become our mission to improve the food industry and the lives of millions of people, by providing high quality F&B at affordable prices, because Quality is for Everyone.